The first part of the course will be more lecture based, establishing some foundations in the topics taught and explored in this course. The second part of the course will be workshop based, with guest speakers and ample activities to drill into specific topics more deeply. The workshops will be on the following topics:

Date Meeting Topic and Materials Guests Deliverable
1 11/09/2020 Course Introduction and History of Software Engineering None. Introductions/Activity
2 18/09/2020 Introduction to Empirical Software Engineering, Beliefs and Evidence, and Design Science Group Activity
3 25/09/2020 Research Methods for SE Group Activity
4 02/10/2020 Theories, Theoretical Frameworks and Conceptual Frameworks in Software Engineering Research Group Activity
5 09/10/2020 Literature reviews for Software Engineering Research, Work on Project #1 None. Project #1 started
6 16/10/2020 Workshop #1: Continuous Software Engineering
  • Nicole Forsgren, GitHub. Video, Audio
  • Chandra Maddila, Microsoft Research. Video, Audio
  • Laurie Williams, NC State.
  • Eben Haber, Couchbase. Video, Audio
Blogpost #1
7 23/10/2020 Workshop #2: Code Review and Assessment Blogpost #2
8 30/10/2020 Workshop #3: Diversity and Inclusion in Software Engineering
  • Andrew Begel, Microsoft Research and Paige Rodeghero, Clemson University. Video, Audio
  • Alexander Serebrenik, Eindhoven University of Technology. Video, Audio
  • Emerson Murphy-Hill, Google Research.
  • Anita Sarma, Oregon State University.
Blogpost #3
9 06/11/2020 Alignment for Project #1 None. Project #1 due
10 13/11/2020 Workshop #4: Collaboration, Communication and Knowledge Flow in Software Engineering
  • Anna Filipova, GitHub. Video, Audio
  • Christoph Treude, Adelaide University. Video
  • Jim Herbsleb, Carnegie Mellon University. Video, Audio
  • Carolyn Seaman, University of Maryland Baltimore County. Video, Audio
Blogpost #4
11 20/11/2020 Workshop #5: Developer and Team Productivity
  • Tom Zimmermann, Microsoft Research. Video, Audio
  • Jenna Butler, Microsoft. Video, Audio
  • Courtney Miller, New College of Florida.
  • Ciera Jaspan, Google.
Blogpost #5
12 27/11/2020 Workshop #6: Bridging Gaps Blogpost #6
13 04/12/2020 Project #2 presentations None. Project #2: videos due
14 11/12/2020 No class None. Project #2: final reports due